The Abundant Esthetician w/Coaching - Tier 1

Starts March 4, 2024

You can build a beautiful, abundant life as a solo esthetician or small business owner AND It doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Essentially, you need four things:

  • You need to feel energized
  • You need to be willing to think and learn differently
  • You need to feel supported & motivated
  • You need to have accountability

I know you've been trying to get results but I'm here to tell you... if you keep going about it the way you have been, you're never going to get there.

In The Abundant Esthetician, I will teach how to get the results you want.

It's probably going to be a little different pathway than you thought because we are not supposed to be massively successful as estheticians, and I am ready to prove to you that this doesn't have to be true.

In this MENTORSHIP PROGRAM you will learn the 5 Major Energetic Shifts to Become an Abundant Esthetician + How to implement them.

  • In Week 1, you’ll learn The Setting up for Success | The Abundance Garden Plant the seeds to grow your unlimited source of abundance
  • In Week 2, you’ll learn Performance Power Secrets Lead a rich life that includes a booming business and space to embrace your personal best
  • In Week 3, you’ll learn The Real Client Attraction Deal Energize your schedule with bookings and profitability.
  1. In Week 4, you’ll learn The Ultimate Sales Booster Embody strategy every abundant esthetician uses to increase income.
  • In Week 5, you’ll learn Your Energetic Power Move Plan Stay focused on what truly matters plus next steps for your success journey

PLUS... with Tier 1, you also get...

  • Two Group Coaching Sessions


  • BONUS: Gorgeous Gratitude Journal - Digital Edition


Let's Do This... TOGETHER!

$697.00 USD

IMPORTANT: This program starts on March 4th. Should you decide it is not right for you, you have until the end on day on March 7th to request a refund by emailing [email protected].