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Empowering Estheticians to Build Outrageously Abundant Careers! 

Confidently fill your schedule with profits while you passionately create beauty and success.


Do you...

...struggle to be taken seriously as a business owner by even those closest to you?

...even find yourself sometimes wondering if you’re a “real” business owner? what you do but often feel like you’re alone in a bubble?

...wish you had some Esthie Besties you could turn to when facing challenges in your biz?

...wish you could learn how to ensure your business is on a strong foundation? creating beauty and pampering clients but find the marketing and running of the business boring, hard, confusing, and / or frustrating?

...wish you knew the secret to being booked perfectly? (Not too many or too few clients but just the right amount all booked with the services you love doing.)

...wonder how you could be more profitable?

...ever wish you had a magic fairy to just create business building tools for you?


You see, it wasn’t so long ago that I too was feeling all of those feels… ok, it was over 20 years ago, but still…

I’d just left my career as a flight attendant after watching the events of 9/11 happening from my hotel room and knowing I had friends and colleagues on those planes. Becoming an esthetician was something I was passionate about and the tragedy I watched unfold that fateful day made it clear to me that it was time to shift things.

Once I’d finished esthetics school, I was so excited to start working on clients but I was also terrified as I realized that I really didn’t know anything about where to start with this business.

I felt a bit like I’d been bussed to a strange land and told to go off and be successful.


I knew how to work on clients, but I had no idea how to get clients.

"Before I joined the Beauty Biz Club® I was making $10,000 per year. Now I’m on track to earn $400,000 this year! The trainings helped me identify my niche and create a demand for my spa offerings."

Teri E.
Licensed Esthetician

Now, I’ve always been a bit of a visionary and have a good head for business so I did eventually figure out how to build my business on a strong foundation.

And soon, I wasn’t merely surviving anymore…

But there were so many times during my journey that I deeply wished I had someone to show me the way…

…someone who I could bounce things off of

…someone who could help me understand the business of the business

…someone who I could share success stories with AND someone who would understand my most challenging days

…someone who could show me what worked and what didn’t

…someone to help me focus on what was most important for my business

I’d been in a job that was of course drastically different than this new career I’d chosen for myself and I didn’t expect it to be the same BUT there were parts that I didn’t anticipate (hello dark, lonely treatment room) and it left me wanting more…

I wanted…

But... it didn’t exist.

So I set out to create it.

I knew there was a better way. I knew what was possible.

This industry does so much good for so many and it deserved better.

I was determined to figure out what I needed to know so I could lead the way for other esthies.

Flash forward…

I created of the original Six-Figure Esthetician System - a system that worked to educate estheticians on marketing, having a successful mindset, following-through and attracting repeat business, and increasing income with retail sales.

It was the official beauty biz manual for esthies… it was extremely successful and esthies everywhere were grateful. To this day, I still receive praise for it and it’s been out of print for several years (and now there are many many others imitating that successful work).

Flash forward again…

After a while of selling the Six-Figure Esthetician System™, and other courses I’d created along the way, I knew it was time for something more.

As esthies, we need more than a training manual and a few courses here and there…

We need support from others who understand the unique nature - and challenges - of our industry.

We need to have other like-minded beauty biz professionals to bounce things off and get feedback from.

We need to be able to tap into a collective ‘pool’ of wisdom that empowers us to take on anything we may face in our business or with our clients.


The Beauty Biz Club®

A members' only community where talented beauty professionals come to learn everything they need to know to maximize profits & potential so they can finally have the Beauty Biz of their dreams.

Everything You Need to Build an amazing career as an esthetician!

Mining for G.E.M.S.

The Crucial Step to Becoming a Booked-Solid, High Earning Practitioner is knowing how to attract "the right" clients into your business - we'll show you how!

The Growth Bank

A step-by-step goal-setting blueprint that teaches you how to avoid cash depleting mistakes and make wise investments that greatly contribute to your success.

Mastering the Art of Retail Sales

No matter the size of your business, you'll learn why mastering the art of retail sales is critical to your success as a practitioner.

The Top 10 Modern Web Site Must-Haves

Learn how to launch your work to the world (without breaking your bank) from our club website & techie guru.

Policies & Procedures

Protect your Beauty Biz by Setting Professional Standards. Stop the late runners, no shows, & last minute cancelers.

Presenting with Power

You'll leave this segment ready to give a dynamic talk designed to reel in potential clients - at any type of event.

You'll Learn How To...

Get Booked Perfectly

Learn to call in those who need your work and get them booking repeatedly.

Increase Income

Make more money pursuing your passion and doing what you love. Learn to earn!

Embody Confidence

Confidence is the trait most associated with success. Together we'll boost yours.

"Every year that I have invested in Lori's trainings I get a $30,000 raise. This year it's looking to be a bit more! I was booked solid (the dream, right?!), but I was left feeling frustrated, overworked and underpaid. Lori and the Beauty Biz Club gave me the confidence to charge what I’m worth and strategically work towards being booked perfectly and priced perfectly."

Erin R.
Licensed Esthetician

How much does the average esthetician make?


According to industry data, the average annual income for estheticians ranges from $28,000 - $35,000 per year. However, it's crucial to remember that individual earnings can significantly differ based on factors like the esthetician's level of expertise, clientele base, additional services offered, and business growth strategies.

The Beauty Biz Club frequently witnesses an annual increase of $25,000 for new members. It is in year two to three where estheticians often reach a six-figure salary and sometimes even multiple six-figure incomes. Our club's resources, training, and support pave the way for significant financial growth in the beauty industry.

Our training programs, expert guidance, and community of like-minded professionals are designed to empower estheticians in their journey toward financial success.


How do I make more money as an esthetician?


To increase earnings as an esthetician, consider the following strategies:

  • Specialize: By knowing who your ideal client is and how to serve them best.
  • Deliver Epic Results: Recommend additional services and products during client visits. In the Beauty Biz Club, we teach you how to incorporate upsells, add-ons, retail sales and appointment extensions with out feeling sales-y. There is an art to delivering the best possible results and getting clients excited to invest in your professionalism. The Beauty Biz Club is designed to get you and your team confident in profitable appointment management.
  • Build a loyal client base: Deliver outstanding customer service and foster strong relationships to create lifelong clients. The Beauty Biz Club assists you in attracting high-quality clients, relieving you from the constant need to seek new ones. This way, you can dedicate your time to serving clients and generating income.
  • Continuing education: Stay updated with the latest techniques and certifications. Beauty Biz Club offers resources, discounts and guest educators to help you decided which trends are worthy of your hard earned beauty biz bucks.
  • Retail sales: Our proprietary Red Carpet Retail Training is designed to help you control inventory and cherry pick (the right) products that move off the shelves - saving you loads of time and lots of money.
  • Package deals and memberships: Create discounted packages or membership options.
  • Collaborations and partnerships: Through the Beauty Biz Club, you can unlock the secrets to effective influencer collaborations. Gain instant access to marketing letters and compensation plans designed for social media influencers. Utilize influencers to promote your beauty business and maximize its reach.
  • Social media marketing: Utilize social media to showcase services and attract clients with out spending hours trying to figure out what to say. We have a plug and play social media library with fresh graphics, blurbs, stories and reels uploaded monthly.
  • Price evaluation: Regularly review pricing and consider gradual increases. Price it Perfectly is a foundational training inside The Beauty Biz Club - where you will learn how structor your pricing - no matter where you are at we will help you get to pricing that make you feel proud.
  • Work in high-demand locations: Choose locations with higher income potential.


Can an esthetician really make Six-Figures?


Yes, it is possible for an esthetician to earn a six-figure income. While individual results may vary, many Beauty Biz Club Members have achieved significant financial success. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Specialization: By implementing the Core Trainings in the Beauty Biz Club, estheticians can uncover their Best Client Ever (B.C.E) and Profitable Passion. This strategic approach enables them to command higher prices and appeal to a clientele that values and is willing to pay a premium for their services.
  • Business Systems: Implementing consistent and effective business systems, such as marketing, client retention, and upselling, can contribute to higher earnings. This is a Beauty Biz Club speciality - we help members systemize resulting in less overwhelm, stress and business fatigue. The right systems produce growth driven results that can feel effortless. 
 Continuing education: Ongoing professional development, acquiring advanced certifications, and staying up-to-date with industry trends can enhance expertise and open doors to higher-paying opportunities.

  • Building a strong client base: By providing exceptional customer service, fostering client relationships, and generating repeat business, estheticians can increase their income potential.
  • Leveraging technology and social media: Utilizing online platforms and social media marketing can expand visibility, attract new clients, and create additional revenue streams.

  • The Beauty Biz Club: Joining a supportive community like the Beauty Biz Club provides access to resources, networking opportunities, and expert guidance to help estheticians grow their businesses and reach six-figure incomes.

Remember, success as an esthetician relies on a combination of skill, dedication, strategic planning, and continuous learning. The Beauty Biz Club is here to support your journey to financial prosperity in the beauty industry.

At the Beauty Biz Club, we believe that earning six figures as an esthetician is not just a dream but an achievable reality.

We provide a unique and comprehensive approach to help you reach this financial milestone. Through our specialized trainings, you'll discover how to offer high-value services, attract premium clients, and effectively market your esthetician business.

Our community of like-minded professionals will support and inspire you along the way.

You'll learn the art of upselling, retail sales, and building a loyal client base that keeps coming back for more.

By leveraging the power of social media and implementing smart business strategies, you'll unlock the potential to earn a lucrative income in the beauty industry. Join the Beauty Biz Club today and let us help you transform your esthetician career into a six-figure success story.

If you are ready to become a top earner in the beauty industry, then you’re ready to join the ranks of women who have taken “hobby” jobs and turned them into lucrative careers.

Discover how The Beauty Biz Club® can help YOU succeed.

You had me at top earner! I am ready.

"I had my first $650 hour by hosting a virtual facial for a group of friends. Thank you all so much for the Virtual Facial Certification Training! The Beauty Biz Club has brought a whole new level of bravery I wasn’t even aware I had. The organization and systems have helped me turn a dream into a goal, that turned into a reality."

Megan W.
Licensed Esthetician

Is The Beauty Biz Club® Right For You?

YES!! It doesn’t matter if you are a beauty biz owner, renter, solo-practitioner, or employee, or whether you're just starting out or balancing a full schedule, the Beauty Biz Club® is absolutely the right place for you!

Master a proper mindset and break through the barriers blocking your success. You deserve to be profitable and build the beauty biz you dreamed of.

Stop wasting your time and money with strategies that don’t work, here’s where you will learn how to simplify your strategy to book perfectly.

The Beauty Biz Club is filled with tools and tactics to tap into a growth goldmine and quickly scale to 6-figures and beyond. 

"The Beauty Biz Club has given me the systems and confidence to reach a whole new level of success. I used a recommended marketing newsletter template and sold $5,000 worth of retail in just 24 hours. I followed the event strategy and made $4,000 and a bunch of future facial bookings - in just one day! The return on investment from The Beauty Biz Club has been unbelievable. "

Michelle B.
Licensed Esthetician

As A Beauty Biz Club Member, You’ll Receive:

Foundational Success Training

>> Esthetician Marketing Made Easy

>> Red Carpet Retailing Strategy

>> Social Media Content Library

>> Monthly Promotional Guides

>> Raise Your Price Protocols

>> MEMBER FAVORITE: Marketing Letter Library - on demand templates to create instant cashflow

>> Growth Bank Goal Setting

>> Microcurrent 101

>> Facial Cupping 101

>> Magnetic Menu Creation

>> Rapid Referral Generation

>> Gratitude Sale Formula 

>> Virtual Facial Certification

Exclusive Success Community

>> Masterminding - Problem Solving

>> No BS Success Stories #inspiration

>> Sharing of Resources

>> Give & Take Sharing Of Success Moments

>> Guest Appearances From Industry Influencers

>> Boundary Setting & Policy Enforcement in Your Biz

>> Success Scripts To Create Demand 

>> 10% Members Only Discount On Other Programs

>> Private facebook Group

>> Overview of Oncology Esthetics


>> Motivational Success Mantras

>> Touchless Intake Form Training

>> Mindset Adjustments

>> Accountability Check-Ins

>> Equipment For Sale

>> Job Postings

>> Interviews with 6-Figure Estheticians

>> Build Your Website Workshop

>> Step-by-Step Online Store Creation

>> Microcurrent with Jane Mann

>> Bookkeeping 101

>> MEMBER FAVORITEEntire Social Media Success Library with Done-for-you reels, stories, and posts each month

The Beauty Biz Club® is the most important resource available for beauty professionals who are serious about growth and income.

Is that you?

Then it’s time to invest in your business and yourself so you can create the business of your dreams—without giving up your life.

Become a Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Heck no! It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, spa owner, solo-practitioner, renter, independent contractor, etc. What matters is that you want to move forward in the direction of your dreams and build a beauty practice that you are proud of.

The club is designed to be a program of participation. While you are welcome to just browse, you will not get the full benefit offered by merely being present.

Success isn’t a spectator sport, you must engage and use the tools if you want them to work for you.

I created the club to provide all the things I longed for, but couldn't find to help me succeed as a beauty entrepreneur. Masterminding. Resources. Recommended Reads. Brainstorming with people who “get” the biz.

I never recommend living on “I am too busy street” leaves you vulnerable to the unforeseen disasters that can happen in business.

Setting a few minutes aside each day to go into the club and mastermind will help you find time and money saving resources plus ensure your business stays on a firm foundation.

Each month there are training modules and they are recorded for you to listen to at your leisure including on your drive to work or on the treadmill. P.S. Give up a little social media scrolling time and devote it to the club – I bet you start to see amazing shifts in your beauty biz.

The truth is, you will be stepping out of school into a very saturated market. Most of the support you will receive will be from family members and friends who really don’t understand what it takes to be successful in the beauty industry. Oh and there’s also the “free” advice that you’ll get on facebook, and I REALLY don’t recommend using facebook as your guidance / career counselor – as social media support can be judge-y and drama filled.

I love what The Beauty Biz Club is doing for my fellow practitioners and it lights my beauty biz soul on fire to watch how it has powerfully impacted the lives and businesses of so many practitioners.

The stories I share on the page are from real practitioners who have worked with me inside my programs, but results depend on many variables. Just like we tell the acne client who wants results after one facial – results vary and take time. Also, my legal team always wants me to share that increased income is not guaranteed, and the testimonials on this page may not be what all members experience. What I CAN guarantee is that if you fail to work on your business, you will not see the results you desire.

When you enroll, you have immediate access to an entire library full of valuable trainings so there are no refunds. If you paid in full for your year, your  membership will renew each year automatically until you cancel. We recommend that you mark the date on your calendar so you don't forget. Your membership is your responsibility. (Note: if you selected to pay your annual membership in 12 monthly payments, you will not auto-renew at the end of your term but you can renew at the same rate.)

Then the investment probably means something to you. We usually overthink things that trigger emotion in us. I bet you are longing to do, be, and have more and it's normal to feel scared stepping forward into something that creates change. And, you’re most likely feeling (what I like to call) good fear - don't worry this just means you're human.

Here’s my favorite definition of fear that might help you bravely step forward into creating beauty and success. F.E.A.R = Feeling. Excited. And. Ready.

What Our Members Say...

"Within a few months of being in the Beauty Biz Club my income has increased by $30,000 and I will surpass 6-figures this year! I have used the club trainings to redo my menu, raise my prices, invest in the right product lines and equipment, and I am now professionally organized in a way that allows success to flow in."

Joni L.
Licensed Esthetician

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