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Unlock the Beauty Biz of Your Dreams with Lori Crete – Your Trusted Partner on the Path to Success!

As a seasoned 23-year licensed esthetician, success coach, beauty industry consultant, and mentor, Lori Crete knows exactly what you crave – a career that ignites your beauty biz soul.

Say goodbye to empty schedules and lackluster bank accounts. It's time to make your beauty business shine!

Join Lori and transform your aspirations into reality.



So you want to replace overwhelm with abundance, but you don’t know where to start (or restart).


Tell me if this sounds a little like you:

  • You love being an esthetician, but you NEED to make more money.
  • You are afraid to put yourself out there because you are not marketing and social media savvy.
  • You are worried about raising your prices because you don't want to repel clients.
  • You are frustrated because you have no idea how to get new clients.
  • You are sick of comparing yourself to other estheticians and just want some beauty biz BFFs to laugh with and learn from!


Zen Moment


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You will learn how to attract clients for life, so you can put an end to the "I need new clients syndrome."



The guilt-free vacation is right around the corner when you learn how to invest intelligently with The Beauty Biz Club’s field-tested and proven systems. It becomes more about celebrating what you keep than worrying about the bills rolling in.



Esthetician life revolves around creating beautiful experiences for our clients. When your energy is elevated, clients will sense and appreciate your newfound success! The results include increased referrals and best income earning days, weeks and months -ever!

$100,000+ The Beauty Biz Club has transformed multiple estheticians into six-figure+ earners.

10K+ Estheticians have placed their trust in The Beauty Biz Club to guide them on their path to success.

1000s of proven ideas, systems, tips, and strategies to fuel your beauty biz growth.

Joining the Beauty Biz Club is easier than your six-step morning skincare routine!

Support That's Proven to Work

Success Systems

Success systems aren't just nice to have; they are a must-have for top-earning estheticians. FACT: Systems provide success on repeat.

Social Media For You!

Fresh content delivered monthly so you can work on clients, not waste time trying to figure out what to say.

Mentorship & Support

There is nothing that will speed up the road to success faster than being empowered by a mentor whose mission and joy are to light up your beauty biz soul.

Your All-In-One Esthetician Mentorship & Success Hub!

The Beauty Biz Club makes running a solo or small business easy and enjoyable for estheticians. Proven marketing plans to follow, tools for growing a money-making practice, mentorship and coaching to keep you accountable, and a kind community so you don’t feel like you have to do it all alone.

Strategic Growth Success Library

Immediate & ongoing access to success trainings that will change your life.

Live Coaching

Our team of successful esthetician coaches host live sessions to provide individual support.

Done For You Social Media

Fresh monthly content customized for the small biz & solo-estheticians.

Promotional Guides

We do the work for you! Get your clients excited to book & refer with monthly promotion templates!

Marketing Letter Templates

Designed & proven to increase bookings, retails sales & profits.

Community & Mentorship Support

No more feeling lonely! Word is that we are the KINDEST community, ever.

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Beauty Biz Club Success Stories

Our members' success speaks volumes.

"I used a recommended marketing newsletter template and sold $5,000 worth of retail in just 24 hours.

Michelle B.

Licensed Esthetician

"Within a few months of being in the Beauty Biz Club my income increased by $30,000

Joni L.

Licensed Esthetician

"The Beauty Biz Club gave me the confidence to charge what I’m worth & strategically work towards being booked perfectly.

Erin R.

Licensed Esthetician

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The most powerful way to attract amazing clients is to exude unwavering passion in the area where you shine as a service-providing Esthetician.

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In this FREE workbook, Lori will walk you through discovering your Profitable Passion and using it to build a beauty business that fills you with abundance and joy.

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