Meet Lori Crete

Beauty Biz Club® Founder

The Esthetician Mentor™

Beauty Industry Expert

Licensed Celebrity Esthetician

Host of The Beauty Biz Show Podcast

Professional Speaker

Creator of SpaStar™ luxury spa wraps 

Author & Founder of the Six Figure Esthetician system 




Lori Crete is a renowned industry expert and licensed celebrity esthetician with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty and wellness industry. She has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the field and was recently named a finalist for American Spa Magazine's Women in Wellness Mentor of the Year.

Lori has been featured on numerous media outlets, including Guthy-Renker,, KESQ Health and News, MTV, ABC, CBS Evening News, and Fox 11. She has earned a reputation as a "Top Celebrity Esthetician" and "Beauty Guru" thanks to her exceptional skills, extensive knowledge, and passion.

In addition to her many accomplishments, Lori Crete is also the founder of The Beauty Biz Club, an entrepreneurial organization dedicated to helping estheticians and spa owners achieve success and profitability in their businesses. Through her membership program, Lori provides valuable resources, coaching, and support to help beauty professionals grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

Lori's latest venture in the beauty industry involves the creation of a luxury spa wrap called SpaStar™, which has been dubbed the modern eco-chic "little black dress" of self-care. Lori understands that beauty rituals are invigorating and aims to enhance them with the spa inspired get ready wrap and headband. Whether you're preparing for a spa treatment, an important meeting, a special date, or simply unwinding with a face mask, SpaStar™ will elevate your self-care routine into a luxurious experience.


American Spa Magazine Mentor Of The Year Finalist
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